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Blueberry gold plated chain bracelets

Blueberry gold plated chain bracelets

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Blueberry gold plated chain bracelets

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Due to the logistical restrictions across all delivery channels, your oder might be a little delayed.. 

Your Blueberry products will be shipped within 2 business days of your purchase date. Once your order is shipped, we estimate you will receive your order within 5-7 business days of its ship date.

Product Description

Blueberry welcomes you to the world of designer jewellery. It was modest beginning a decade ago. In an endeavour to delightfully surprise its customers, travels around the country to procure exquisite and rare pieces of ornamentation. World-class craftsmanship, Blueberry luxuria collection makes people remember not only the jewellery itself, but also the woman who wears that jewellery. Blueberry will never fail to meet your expectations. At Blueberry, it is not about ornaments, but a treasure that will be cherished forever. Come, be a part of the Blueberry family and experience a relation of trust, a promise of quality and a tradition of happiness.

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